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Eat Like Pregnant, and Lose Weight? It’s Possible…

Miss eating your favourite burger? Have to follow the same diet for days? Gaining weight easily again? Now you can enjoy your favourite food and stay fit as well! HCG diet will help you to lose weight and the good news is, it is medically approved! HCG (Human Chorionic Gonadotropin) is naturally a placental hormone which is very important in pregnancy, but it also plays a role in cellular differentiation and proliferation. Small amounts of HCG are present in both males and females as the pituitary analog of HCG is LH (luteinizing hormone) which is produced in the pituitary gland of both males and females.

Obesity is becoming a major problem and health issues are increasing because of it. From myocardial infarction to osteoarthritis maybe start from obesity. To control this major health problem Dr. A.T.W Simeons developed the HCG diet plan. How does it work? We gain or lose weight due to hormonal function and metabolism in our body. HCG stimulates and balances the hormones needed for metabolism of the body. This is why pregnant women have morning sickness or nausea in the first trimester of pregnancy since the levels of HCG reaches it’s peak (5 mg/ml). HCG diet does not let fat accumulate around liver and other gastrointestinal organs. This prohormone  (super hormone) does not actually help in losing weight, that is done by the diet you choose, but merely it helps in maintaining hormonal balance. There are a lot of HCG diet plans you can choose from and which you are comfortable with.

HCG Diet

Though the original protocol “pounds and inches” by Dr. Simeons encourages a 500 calorie diet. Thus, creating a very big controversy mainly because it allowed one vegetable per meal , restrictions in using body lotions, oils and other hygiene products. It also prohibited exercise when on diet! This being new and completely opposite of Modern weightloss and fitness therapies created quite a stir resulting in some people calling it a placebo. But since the success became evident HCG diet became a healthier and easier option for people with weight problems. HCG decreases the hunger and reduces the fat and not muscles. Whereas normal weight lose programs decreases the muscles and hence, you can easily gain weight by increasing the fat in your body. Now a new HCG diet has been made which has different plans according to gender, age, weight etc. No longer the original protocol is needed to be followed and people can use their personal care products as well as eat what they want. Normally the calorie range is from 500-1500 calories. Injections are the most effective method since it increases the HCG levels directly in the blood.

Pills, sprays, drops etc., are also found but they work slowly as they have to go through the entire digestion process. It is advisable to consult a doctor before stating a HCG diet. Nowadays there are quite a lot of doctors who support this diet. So go ahead, order that pizza and keep your favourite personal care at hand! Stay fit and stay healthy!

Enhance Your Immunity Naturally

In any prescription meant to heal the body there is a herb, plant, or some natural substance. The body’s immune system is a natural defense against diseases. However, the immune system sometimes fails in its role making necessary for a person to take some medication. Instead of waiting for the immune system to fail you can naturally heal your body and mind using herbs. Here are some amazing herbs that can be used for healing.


Sleep plays an important role in allowing the body to heal and revitalize. However most people suffer from lack of sleep thereby denying the body an opportunity to self heal. Chamomile is a natural herb that induces sleep and can be used as a sleep aid. Taking chamomile tea before going to bed induces sleep and allows the body and mind to heal in addition to boosting the body’s immune system.


Stress compromises the body’s immune system thereby reducing its capacity to self heal. Although it is impossible to avoid stress, one can reduce stress using herbs. Lavender is a natural substance that is used in aromatherapy to relieve both physical and mental stress. Lavender is often mixed with essential oils and rubbed on the body to reduce stress.


Cinnamon is a natural substance used to lower blood sugar. Although this herb is often prescribed for persons with type II diabetes, it can be used as a health supplement to reduce the risk of diseases associated with high levels of blood sugars. Cinnamon is often incorporated in health beverages that can be purchased in health stores.


The body has a natural mechanism of healing wounds. However, if the wound becomes infected the wound healing process is compromised. Calendula is a natural substance that prevents wound infection and allows the wound healing mechanism to proceed successfully. The herb works naturally to prevent viral infection and to reduce inflammation. The herb is often mixed with essential oils and can be applied topically to promote wound healing.


There are a number of factors beyond our control that often reduce the minds ability to store and retrieve data. When the mind is unable to store and retrieve data effectively then our memory is affected. Rosemary is a natural herb that can be used to boost the mind’s capacity to store and retrieve data. Rosemary has a strong scent and is often used in aromatherapy to enhance memory.

Health benefits of the herbs outlined above make them important in allowing the body and mind to heal. Therefore, one can boost their immunity naturally using these herbs.

Herbal Remedy: Kratom

Kratom has grown in Thailand for years and is used for its medicinal properties however it was given the genus Mitragyna by a Dutch botanist named Pietre Korthal because it is similar to the stigma of the plant bishop mitre. The use of Kratom in Thai and Malaysian traditional medicine has attracted a lot of scientific interest leading to a number of researches being carried out on the plant and especially the leaves. Scientific research carried out on the plant has found that its chemical composition makes it effective in treating a number of ailments including pain management, cancer, diarrhea, it is also used by the natives as a sexual enhancer, helping relaxation and treating addictions to pain medication.The plant grows as tall as 30 feet and is about 15 feet wide with dark green leaves and has small clustered yellow flowers and the dried leaves and kratom powder be purchased here as well as many other reputable online vendors such as Buy Kratom Direct. The effects of Mitragyna Speciosa are not fully understood however a number of companies and scientific groups have invested time and money into studying this plant to know what exactly it is capable of and how much it can contribute to the medical world. There are hundreds of studies that have been conducted over the years dating back to the 1980s and bellow is a summary of them and their findings.

1986 Study To Establish The Composition Of Kratom

The department of Physiology, Faculty of science, department of pharmacognosy and Pharmaceutical Botany in Thailand carried out this research to find out what alkaloids were present in the leaf of the Kratom tree. The study eventually discovered that there were a number of alkaloids in the plant but identified 3-dihydromitragynine which was a big step in understanding the medicinal benefits of the herb. Details of this research were published on phytochemistryVolume 25,issue 12, 1986 Pages 2910-2912.

1988 Ethnorpharmacology Research On Kratom

This follow up research was intended to find out the pharmaceutical value of the plant. Scientists Karl L.R and Colin Prast from the department of Anatomy in the University of Auckland Medical School in New Zealand carried out this research which described kratom in detail along with the most common alkaloids identified in earlier studies. The conclusion of this research was that the substances present in the herb could be used as a cough suppressant, pain reliever and temperature control agent. It was also noted that the plant can be used as a natural substitute for treating opiate addiction.

1998 Study To Establish If Kratom Can Be a Substitute Pain killer

This research carried out on mice was intended to establish if the analgesic potential of Speciosa could be used as a substitute for morphine and paracetamol. Mice were given oral doses and at the end of the research it was concluded that Kratom can serve as a substitute for morphine but more studies needed to be carried out.

2004 Research On Effects Of Kratom On Obesity

Peter J Houghton and Ikram Saida from the Chelsea department of Pharmacy, Kings College London and Chemistry Department University Kebangsaan Malaysia carried out tests to see what effect Mitragyna speciosa whould have on the intake of water and food by animals. The researchers noted that prolonged administration of Kratom significantly decreased the intake of water and food and suppressed weight gain significantly. The conclusion was that Kratom can be used as a powerful tool for fighting obesity

2006 Further Study On The Pain Killing Property Of Kratom

This study isolated 7 more chemicals present in the herb and sought to study their effectiveness in acting as pain relief. The study aimed at gathering information on the possibility of using kratom as an orally administered anti pain medication. The research paper by Kenjiro Matsumoto is currently available online.

2011 Legal Research Into Legislation On Kratom In Thailand

Pascal Tanguay carried out this study in relation to a 2010 policy proposal to review different kind of drugs in order to regulate their use. The study concluded that Kratom is a major part of Southern Thai culture and there was no evidence of problematic use over the decades that it has been used therefore there is no reason to criminalize it.

This is just a handful of the studies carried out on Kratom- Mitragyna Speciosa but almost all the research and studies carried out have come out to show how helpful it is despite legislation in some countries banning the sale of the plant. Kratom surely is a gift to medicine.